Download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK v8.50 Latest Version

NameBlue WhatsApp Plus
AppWhatsApp MOD
DeveloperBlueWhatsAppPlus Team
Size52 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 or higher

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp + or also known as WhatsApp Plus is a one of popular WhatsApp MOD developed by Anthony Peel. WhatsApp Plus comes with richer features than official Whatsapp that will enhance user-experience than official WhatsApp.

Along with GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus has been downloaded more than one million times. However, Anthony Peel, the developer stopped the development for no apparent reason.

But, no need to worry, because the a programmer group called BlueWhatsAppPlus Team is committed to continue the development of this WA MOD, and changing the name to Blue WhatsApp Plus.

BlueWhatsAppPlus Team has improved its performance and added a variety of interesting features. What are the interesting features of Blue WhatsApp Plus? Check out the list below.

Blue WhatsApp Plus Features

Blue WhatsApp Plus gives you flexibility to personalize the user-interface, such as customize WhatsApp theme, changing the size and shape of the font, changing colors, and accessing thousands of emojis. Besides that, Blue WhatsApp Plus also has various features that will improve your chatting experience, what are the features? Check out the list below:

1. Customize WhatsApp Theme

Blue WhatsApp Plus allows you to customize the user-interface through a theme that can be downloaded from its library. Currently there are more than 700 themes to choose and you also be able to upload your own custom themes.

You are also possible to make customizations in specific area such as header, size of chat window, to the fonts. Isn’t that amazing?

2. No Files Compression

WhatsApp only allows users to send files up to 2MB maximum. Blue WhatsApp Plus you are able to send documents up to 50MB, audios up to 100MB, high resolution photos and videos up to 50MB.

3. Chat Security

If you concern about privacy and don’t want someone to access the app, then Blue WhatsApp Plus is the answer! With this WA MOD, you don’t need an additional application to protect your privacy.

Built-in security feature in Blue WhatsApp Plus allows you to set password to access the app or in a certain chat window. This feature will ensure your message stay private.

4. Auto Reply Message

This is one of the best features that other WhatsApp MODs don’t have. Actually, auto reply feature is only found on WhatsApp Bussines. This feature allows you to set custom auto reply message

This feature is very useful for those who use Blue WhatsApp plus for business activities, you can set custom message and when someone pings you, it will automatically send out your text and let them know that you have received the message.

This feature could also assist you to answering questions automatically without having to type the same answer over and over again.

5. Hide Typing Status

WhatsApp by default displays a notification when you are typing or recording a message. If you are not comfortable, you can hide the notifications anytime.

6. Multiple Account

Blue WhatsApp Plus allows you to run two WhatsApp Account in one device. You could take advantage this feature to separate your personal account with business account.

But, you need to install another WhatsApp MOD, such as GBWhatsApp for second account.

7. Upload Video Status up to 7 Minutes

Blue WhatsApp Plus lets you post or send a video message up to 7 minutes. What a improvement! This feature is not available in WhatsApp, that just allows you to post or send a video 3 minutes maximum.

8. Anti-Banned

BlueWhatsAppPlus Team made sure every update of WA MOD adjust the privacy policy of WhatsApp, to minimize the risk of your account get banned.

9. Anti-Deleted Messages

Blue WhatsApp Plus has feature to make sure you could read deleted chats who you are talking to. A Feature you won’t find on official WhatsApp.

10. Do Not Disturb Feature

Do Not Disturb Feature is built into Blue WhatsApp Plus. With this feature, you can disable voice and video call feature on general or for certain contact that disturb you.

Download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

For information, you cannot find this application on the Google Play Store. So you have to download the file directly via the download link below.

Note: even though many WhatsApp MODS offer anti-banned feature, there is still no 100% guarantee your WhatsApp account is safe when you use Blue WhatsApp Plus. So make sure you understand the risk of banned.

BlueWhatsAppPlus Team said that the WhatsApp MOD has anti-banned feature and they always make sure to not violate the privacy policy of official WhatsApp on every update. So, make sure you always use latest version of Blue WhatsApp Plus.

How to Install Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

1. Backup Chat

If you are currently using the official WhatsApp and want to switch to the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK then you should back up your chats and media so that they can be used on the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK.

Open WhatsApp app then go to Settings -> Chats, at the bottom You can see the Chat Backup option, just tap once and wait for the process finish.

You can also read the article How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp for complete guide.

2. Enable Unknown Sources

The next step is to change settings on your device to allow installation using APK files from unknown sources. To do this, navifate to Settings -> Security Settings, then choose enable “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” option.

3. Install Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Head into your device and navigate to File Manager and open Download folder and find Blue WhatsApp Plus APK file. Double Tap the file to start the installation process, in the middle of the process a notification will appear that requires your confirmation and you just have to select Yes to continue the process.

4. Log in

Once installation is complete, you can open the app and log in using your WhatsApp account, then restore the chat backup so you can continue your conversation.

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