Download RA WhatsApp APK v8.51 Latest Version

NameRA WhatsApp
AppWhatsApp MOD
DeveloperRidwan Arifin
Size48 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 or higher

What is RA WhatsApp?

RA Whatsapp is WhatsApp MOD developed by Ridwan Arifin, basically this MOD is a further development of YOWhatsApp that made by Fouad Mokdad.

Ridwan Arifin provides improvements in the color and design of user-interface, made it more identical to user-interface of the WhatsApp for iOS.

As other WhatsApp MODs, RA WhatsApp has interesting features that offer more capabilities than the official WhatsApp. In this article, we will give 8 reasons why you should choose RA WhatsApp.

RA WhatsApp Features

RA WhatsApp has a lot of feature that enhance your chat experience become more interesting. Beside of user-interface, security feature of this WA is the most prominent, it allows you to provide a password to protect your privacy.

Want to know more about other RA WhatsApp features? Check it out below:

1. Anti-Banned Feature

RA WhatsApp promises anti-banned features to its users, apart from making regular updates, RA WhatsApp developers also didn’t give excessive tweaks especially to file and media sharing feature.

In some cases, many users reported they got banned after sending large files. So, according to the reports, Ridwan Arifin made decision to limit the file size that can be sent to minimize the risk of being banned.

2. Privacy Features

RA WhatsApp also offers privacy settings for you. You can hide your online status, hide the “forward” label when forwarding messages from other people, hide the name and date when you copy messages from other people and activate Airplane mode so that message and call notifications can’t disturb you.

3. Security Feature

RA WhatsApp has built-in App Lock feature which allows you to set password or pin, so that other people cannot access the WhatsApp app.

In addition, you can also disable access to WhatsApp on a smartphone, this feature will make the WhatsApp app can’t be clicked .

4. Customize User-Interface

The default interface of RA WhatsApp is identical to WhatsApp for iOS, but you can make customization with thousands of themes which available in its library. RA WhatsApp also allows you to change the font shape and size, bubble chat design, size of the header tab to activate the Instagram story mode.

5. Sending Video Up To 30 MB

RA WhatsApp is not for you who frequently sending long videos, the developer makes a limitation video size that can be send is 30 MB maximum. Seems like less quality, but this limitation minimizes the risk of being banned.

6. Sending 90 Photos at A Time

You can send 90 photos at a time, and more importance is you be able to send photos in HD resolutions. The feature that you won’t find in official WhatsApp.

7. Broadcast Messages Identification Feature

RA WhatsApp has a feature that able to recognize broadcast messages. With this feature, you set to block broadcast messages in your chat history or turn off the notifications on broadcast messages.

8. Sending Various File Types

Even though RA WhatsApp has limited the size of file that can be send, but it doesn’t mean this MOD can’t make your life easier. Ra WhatsApp allows you to send various type of files that can be send, such as PDF, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Zip and APK files.

Download RA WhatsApp APK

You have to download the RA WhatsApp APK. For information, you cannot find this application on the Google Play Store. So you have to download the file directly via the download link below.

For information, RA WhatsApp is available in the Standard version and the Kawaii version. Difference between it, The Kawaii version have exclusive theme that has a girly interface making it suitable for women, while the two features are identical.

Note: Even though many WhatsApp MODS offer anti-banned feature, there is still no 100% guarantee your WhatsApp account is safe when you use RA WhatsApp. The developer said they always try to not violate WhatsApp’s privacy policy in order to reduce risk of banned.

How Install RA WhatsApp APK

1. Backup Chat

If you are currently using the official WhatsApp and want to switch to the RA WhatsApp APK then you should back up your chats and media so that they can be used on the RA WhatsApp APK.

Open WhatsApp app then go to Settings -> Chats, at the bottom You can see the Chat Backup option, just tap once and wait for the process finish.

You can also read the article How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp for complete guide.

2. Enable Unknown Sources

The next step is to change settings on your device to allow installation using APK files from unknown sources. To do this, navifate to Settings -> Security Settings, then choose enable “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” option.

3. Install RA WhatsApp APK

Head into your device and navigate to File Manager and open Download folder and find RA WhatsApp Plus APK file. Double Tap the file to start the installation process, in the middle of the process a notification will appear that requires your confirmation and you just have to select Yes to continue the process.

4. Log in

Once installation is complete, you can open the app and log in using your WhatsApp account, then restore the chat backup so you can continue your conversation.

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