Download CooCoo WhatsApp APK v5.1.0 Latest Version

NameCooCoo WhatsApp
AppsWhatsApp MOD
DeveloperCooCoo WhatsApp
Size53 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 or higher

What is CooCoo WhatsApp?

CooCoo WhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp that developed by CooCoo WhatsApp. One of the newest generations of WhatsApp MOD, CooCoo WhatsApp offers better capabilities than official WhatsApp.

In this article, we will review various features of CooCoo WhatsApp, you can also see the download and installation guide for the CooCoo WhatsApp APK.

CooCoo WhatsApp Features

CooCoo WhatsApp is perfect for those who are expressive when Video Call, its Beauty Effect feature allows choosing video effects, beauty cameras to texture effects when you make a video call.

Then, the privacy settings in this app gives you the flexibility to control what activities other people can see.

CooCoo WhatsApp still has a lot of features that will provide better capabilities than the official application. Check out the list below.

1. Anti-Banned Feature

The CooCoo WhatsApp developer guarantees this modified WhatsApp is safe from the risk of being banned. The developer said that they always update the app and every update they make sure to not violate WhatsApp’s privacy policy. As a result risk of banned can be minimized.

2. Beauty Effect Feature

CooCoo WhatsApp is the only WhatsApp MOD that offers the Beauty Camera. With this feature, you can choose more than 72 video effects, you even can create custom video effect

This feature will make your experience making video call be more fun.

3. Color Phone Feature

If you are bored with the interface of voice call feature, with the Color Phone feature, you can personalize the interface of the voice call for a certain contact.

This feature allows you to add a unique theme, and what’s even more fun is you can set each of your contacts a different theme.

You will get a different Voice and Video Call experience when using CooCoo WhatsApp, and you will not get this feature on the official WhatsApp or any other WhatsApp MOD.

4. Transparent Theme

CooCoo WhatsApp also offers a personalize the user-interface, you can choose thousands of themes from its library. However, the developer of this application provides additional features that you rarely find on other WhatsApp MODs. Namely, Transparent Themes.

The Theme will change the boring and rigid user interface to a more modern and futuristic.

5. Privacy Feature

CooCoo WhatsApp comes with better privacy setting than official WhatsApp. With this one WhatsApp MOD you can carry out privacy settings such as:

  • Hide online status.
  • Hide the status of typing or recording.
  • Hide the double ticks feature.
  • Hide the blue tick feature.
  • Hide status from certain contacts.
  • Viewing WhatsApp status without leaving a trace.

6. Anti-Deleted Message

Official WhatsApp allows users to delete messages a few seconds after they are sent and if this happens you as the recipient will not be able to read the deleted messages.

This will not happen if you use CooCoo WhatsApp, the Anti Delete Message feature in this app will keep the messages, even though the message has been deleted by the sender.

7. Preview Media Without Having To Download

If you often use WhatsApp for work, of course you often send or receive files. The problem is, not all files are important to you. So, this make your device storage full and slower performance.

If you experience that, then you should switch to CooCoo WhatsApp now. This MOD has a Media Preview feature that allow you to preview media without having to download it first, so you can sort out which documents are important to download.

This not only saves your storage memory, but also makes it easier for you to archive important documents.

8. Sending Files up to 100 MB

You can use CooCoo WhatsApp to send various file formats such as PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, RTF, TXT, ZIP, APK, Audio, Photos and Videos. Moreover, you are able to send high resolution photos and videos with maximum file to attach are 100 MB.

Download CooCoo WhatsApp APK

You have to download the CooCoo WhatsApp APK. For information, you cannot find this application on the Google Play Store. So you have to download the file directly via the download link below.

Note: Even though many WhatsApp MODS offer anti-banned feature, there is still no 100% guarantee your WhatsApp account is safe when you use CooCoo WhatsApp. So make sure you understand the risk of banned.

CooCoo WhatsApp developer said that the WhatsApp MOD has anti-banned feature and they always make sure to not violate the privacy policy of official WhatsApp on every update. So, make sure you always use latest version of CooCoo WhatsApp.

How to Install CooCoo WhatsApp APK

1. Backup Chat

If you are currently using the official WhatsApp and want to switch to the CooCoo WhatsApp APK then you should back up your chats and media so that they can be used on the CooCoo WhatsApp APK.

Open WhatsApp app then go to Settings -> Chats, at the bottom You can see the Chat Backup option, just tap once and wait for the process finish.

You can also read the article How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp for complete guide.

2. Enable Unknown Sources

The next step is to change settings on your device to allow installation using APK files from unknown sources. To do this, navifate to Settings -> Security Settings, then choose enable “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” option.

3. Install CooCoo WhatsApp APK

Head into your device and navigate to File Manager and open Download folder and find CooCoo WhatsApp APK file. DoubleTap the file to start the installation process, in the middle of the process a notification will appear that requires your confirmation and you just have to select Yes to continue the process.

4. Log in

Once installation is complete, you can open the app and log in using your WhatsApp account, then restore the chat backup so you can continue your conversation.

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